Tonics (by Schockemohle) Sirius 1/2 Chaps

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The Tonics Sirius Half Chap by Schockemohle is a comfortable, ergonomic half chap. The pebble grain leather is soft and comfortable for all day wear, with an additional non-slip patch on the inner calf for durability and grip. The ergonomic zipper is easy to do up and relieves pressure, which may help extend the life of the zipper. A sturdy neoprene stretch panel provides the perfect fit. A Spanish top and decorative stitching will flatter every rider's leg.


  • Pebble grain leather
  • Soft and comfortable leather
  • Unique zipper
  • Neoprene stretch panel
  • Inner calf non-slip patch
  • Spanish cut top
  • Tonics button
  • zipper protector