Premier Equine Two Ring Sweet Iron Gag Bit with Brass Lozenge

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The Premier Equine Blue Sweet Iron Two Ring Gag bit with Brass Alloy Lozenge is a high-quality and versatile bit that provides exceptional control and communication between horse and rider. The bit is crafted from Premier Equine’s innovative Blue Sweet Iron alloy for increased salivation, acceptance, and warmth in the horse's mouth. The brass alloy lozenge offers a comfortable and gentle pressure distribution across the horse's tongue, promoting relaxation and acceptance of the bit.

The two-ring gag design allows for multiple rein placement options, giving the rider greater control and precision in their aids. The reins can be attached to the snaffle ring, or to the lower ring for increased leverage and poll pressure. The gag action provides a lifting effect on the horse's head, encouraging him to lift his shoulders and engage his hindquarters, making it an ideal choice for horses that tend to lean or pull. This bit is ideal for riders requiring a little extra braking power when jumping or training at speed.


Double-jointed Blue Sweet Iron mouthpiece

Brass alloy center lozenge

Limited gag action with poll pressure

Can be used with a variety of rein placements

Should be used by experience riders

Ideal when additional braking power is required

Bit strength = moderate


4.5” and 5”   A= 15mm and B = 125mm

5.5”             A= 15mm and B = 145mm

See sizing chart