eQuick eCrystal Magnetic Overreach Boot

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The eKristal Magnetic Overreach from eQuick: Where Technology Meets Everyday Horse Care. Using the power of nano-technologies, our anti-inflammatory overreacher boots are infused with nano particles, offering an effective and non-invasive solution for treating various horse ailments, including chronic conditions. With the eKristal Magnetic Overreach, these nanoparticles directly target the phospholipid membrane of the affected area. Veterinary studies have shown consistent reductions in edema and pain upon palpation of treated tissues. Additionally, eKristal pads enhance tissue drainage capacity, facilitating faster healing processes. Crafted with eKristal med material, N32 Neodymium magnets, and a neoprene shell, eQuick overreach boots are soft and easily adaptable. For optimal results, we recommend using them overnight or for extended periods. 





Targeting of phospholipid membrane

Reduces edema

Pain Reduction

Tissue Drainage

Faster healing processes

Neoprene shell

eKristal med material