Schockemohle Venice Weymouth Bridle

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The Schockemohle Venice Weymouth Bridle is the double bridle counterpart of the popular Malibu Anatomic Bridle. The cheekpieces and throatlatch are rolled, accenting this Weymouth bridle for a luxurious and sleek touch. The generously padded crownpiece features a wide base and ear cutouts, enabling full movement of the ears and reducing poll pressure. The anatomic noseband has cutouts for the cheekbones and facial nerve endings, ensuring your horse's comfort and responsiveness to rein aids. The anatomic, round cut crystal browband puts the finishing touch on this quality bridle.


  • Double bridle
  • Anatomic crown and noseband
  • Soft, thick padding
  • Rolled cheekpieces and throatlatch
  • Anatomic crystal browband
  • Double adjustable throatlatch
  • Reins sold separately