Schockemohle Equitus Patent Beta Glam Anatomic Bridle

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Schockemohle Sports’ Equitus Beta Glam Anatomic Bridle is a visually stunning, high-performance piece of tack.  Schockemohle Sports’ popular Equitus line has been thoughtfully and intelligently designed to eliminate pressure points and protect your horse's sensitive facial nerves. This completely redesigned bridle layout will have your horse performing their best. The curved and padded patent leather noseband with glitter piping allows the facial nerves a generous amount of space, thus also freeing the facial arteries and veins from pressure. This can be enormously beneficial for sensitive horses and horses who twitch, spasm, head shake, or rub their nose post ride. The positioning of the Beta Glam’s flash noseband frees the nostrils and airways, allowing your horse to perform their best with less fatigue and stress. The anatomically shaped crown is generously padded and cut well back around the ears, distributing the pressure evenly over the poll and neck. The anatomically shaped, curved browband features patent leather and large crystal accents for an eye-catching and glamorous look.  


Anatomic design avoids sensitive facial nerves

Ideal for horses who head shake, rub their nose, twitch, or spasm post ride

Curved browband with patent leather and large crystal accents

Patent leather (45mm) noseband with sparkle piping

Crown is padded and cut back around ears

Fixed cheek pieces with buckles and hook stud ends

Innovative flash noseband allows unrestricted airflow

Relieves pressure points

Nickel free hardware

Eco leather

Reins sold separately

FEI legal