Schockemohle Concord Anatomic Bridle

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The Schockemohle Concord Anatomic Bridle incorporates anatomic features while keeping a classic look. Side cutouts on the noseband allows the sensitive facial nerves to be uninhibited, improving your horse's comfort and ensuring they remain responsive to the bit. The wide, padded noseband distributes pressure evenly over the bridge of the nose, while the classic caveson noseband offers more padding beneath the jaw. A generously padded anatomic crownpiece has a wide base and cutouts, offering complete freedom of movement for the ears and distributing pressure over the poll. The Concord comes with two browbands: a plain raised leather and a round cut crystal adorned browband. Hook and stud ends. Made of top quality leather. Reins sold seperately.


  • Anatomic noseband
  • Anatomic crown
  • Wide, padded noseband
  • Classic cavesson with padding under the jaw
  • Two browbands: plain leather and crystal
  • Hook and stud ends
  • Top quality leather
  • Reins sold separately