Premier Equine Ballistic Knee Pro-Tech Travel Boots

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The Premier Equine Ballistic Knee Pro-Tech Horse Travel Boots are the perfect solution for keeping your horse's legs protected and comfortable during transportation. These boots are made from durable ballistic nylon, which is both tough and resistant to abrasions, ensuring that your horse's legs stay safe and secure. Featuring Premier Equine’s unique Knee Pro-Tech design, these boots provide additional protection for the delicate knee area. The foam-lined strike pad absorbs any impact, reducing the risk of injury, while the elasticated straps keep the boots securely in place.Lightweight and breathable, these versatile shipping boots allowing your horse's legs to stay cool and comfortable during transport. They are super easy to put on and take off, making them ideal for use at shows or events where time is of the essence. With their sleek and stylish design, the Premier Equine Ballistic Knee Pro-Tech Horse Travel Boots are the perfect addition to any horse's travel kit. Whether you're travelling to a local competition or embarking on a long-distance journey, these boots will provide the ultimate protection and comfort for your equine partner.


Anatomically shaped

Ballistic nylon outer

Enhanced knee protection

Breathable & moisture wicking fill

Quick-dry lining

Protective multi-layer design

Overreach protection

Microfiber leather strike guards

Elasticized Velcro closures

Machine washable

Re-useable zippered storage bag

Set of 4 boots includes 2 x front and 2 x hind