Kentucky Horsewear Long Stone & Pearl Soundless Fly Veil

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The Kentucky Horsewear Fly Veil Long Stone & Pearl is beautifully hand-knit and detailed with eye-catching colour-matched stones and pearls. This elegant noise-blocking fly veil stylishly protects your horse's ears from pesky insects and helps minimize sound distractions, allowing your horse to maintain focus at shows and other noisy environments. The Kentucky Long Fly Veil with Stone and Pearl accents features a dynamic longer shape that can be secured to the noseband of the bridle if desired. The design has also been adjusted to be a bit wider behind the ears for a more comfortable fit with your bridle.   


Fly protection

Thin, soft, stretchy, soundproof ears

Colour-matched pearls and stones

Premium hand-knit fabric

Extended nose can be secured to the noseband of the bridle

Wider behind the ears for an improved fit

Info & Care:

Hand wash only