Free Jump Childs Air Vest II

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Designed specifically for young riders, the Free Jump Child’s Airbag II is suitable for riders weighing a minimum of 25kg or 55lbs. This sleek and sporty airbag air vest inflates at lightning-quick speeds (98ms) to protect the rider’s neck, back, torso, pelvis, and hips from impact and injury. Discreet and easy to wear, the Free Jump Airbag II equestrian safety vest is crafted in a micro-perforated Italian fabric that is soft, breathable, and easy to wear. The Free Jump Airbag II is designed to be worn close to the body over a thin layer of clothing such as a t-shirt, sweater, show coat, or jacket. It may also be worn under a compatible jacket that has been designed to accommodate the vest’s rapid inflation. Designed and made in France, every Free Jump Airbag is individually tested prior to shipping.


Suitable for riders weighing a minimum of 25kg (55lbs)

Improved fit and protection

Super-fast inflation speeds (98ms)

Breathable, mirco-perforated Italian fabric

Improved leash design for optimum performance

Sturdy YKK front zip closure

Wide range of sizes including two torso lengths for the perfect fit!

Integrated neck brace helps stabilize this vital area

Helps protect cervical, lumbar, sacrum, hips, and pelvis

`Meets new NFS72-800-2021 standard

Wear alone or under a FreeJump-compatible approved jacket

Made in France

Every airbag is individually tested

Use 50cc canister



Do not machine wash. Do not immerse in water. Clean by hand with a mild detergent. Do not put in dryer. Do not iron. Avoid high temperatures. Do not leave in hot car. Store on a coat hanger in a dry place with no humidity. Do not store folded or rolled up for extended periods of time.