Erreplus Leather Balsam 500ml

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Designed to nourish and protect leather, Erreplus Leather Balsam helps extend the life of your saddle by keeping the leather soft, supple, and grippy. It is recommended to use Erreplus Leather Balsam after each ride.

Directions: Use a soft sponge to spread a thin layer of balsam over the upper and lower surface of the saddle. (Please see note about girth straps below.) Leave the saddle overnight, allowing the Leather Balsam to soak in. In the morning, use a clean, dry cotton cloth to remove any excess and rub gently to make sure that all product is absorbed.  

Note: Erreplus Girth straps are crafted from special leather that is very thick and strong. Do NOT apply Erreplus Leather Balsam to the girth straps more than 2x per year and apply it only to the top of the straps in order to maintain their strength and integrity.


Helps keep leather soft and supple

Adds grippyness

Use after each ride (or as often as possible)