Schockemohle Westminster Bridle

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Designed for comfort and performance, the Westminster bridle from Schockemohle Sports features elegant rolled cheek pieces and a wide, anatomically shaped, and padded crown piece. Repositioning the buckle adjustments to the crown improves the balance of the bridle, allowing the cheeks and noseband straps to hang freely in the optimum position.  Crafted in supple leather, the Westminster bridle also features a wide, padded crank noseband with a flash. The Westminster’s anatomically shaped and curved browband allows plenty of room for the eyes and the ears and features bold crystal accents.


Anatomic design

Wide, softly padded crown piece

Buckle adjustments at the crown

Cheeks and noseband straps hang cleanly and are properly positioned

Elegant rolled cheek pieces

Anatomic padded crank noseband (50mm) with flash

Hook stuck cheek pieces

Premium, Eco leather

Nickel free hardware

Sold less reins