Premier Equine Air-Cooled Original Eventing Boots Front

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Premier Equine Air Cooled Original Eventing Boots maximize protection without impeding movement and have exceptional air flow. The front boots extend down the sides and back of the fetlock, providing extra coverage without restricting the joint. The exterior is comprised of 2520D ballistic nylon and microfiber leather, which is stronger and lighter than real leather, as well as being machine washable. The polycarbonate strike guard on the front boot protects the tendon and holds a lifetime warranty. Eva lining prevents the boot from retaining water and provides additional cushion in event of an impact. Exceptional air flow is achieved through six airvents, which allow cold air to freely pass through the boot as your horse moves, protecting your horse's sensitive leg tissues from overheating.


  • Advanced 3 layer system to protect, cool, and provide cushion
  • 2520D ballistic nylon & microfiber leather exterior
  • Lightweight, water resistant Eva lining
  • Patented Air Cooling technology
  • 6 air vents, which prevent overheating
  • Polycarbonate strike guard with lifetime warranty
  • Machine washable

    Care Instructions:Remove hair or dried sweat with brush. Close all fastenings and machine wash at 30 degrees, using gentle detergent. Recommended to wash inside a laundry bag. Dry naturally away from direct heat sources