Flymasks & Flyveils

Fly veils and fly masks help protect the horse’s eyes and ears from flies, biting insects, dust, and other irritants. Fly veils come in a wide range of fashion colours and are usually made of a knit or woven material. Acoustic fly veils are often used at competitions to block out noisy, show-ground distractions. Horse Fly Masks are designed to provide a physical barrier to flies, mosquitoes and other irritants; they also offer significant UV protection for the eyes and face. Generally used when turned out, Fly Masks are made from a durable, finely woven mesh fabric and are available with “ears” or without. Extended, long nose Fly Masks offer maximum protection from irritants and harmful UV rays. Horse and Pony fly masks are available in a wide range of styles and sizes to ensure a comfortable, bug-proof fit. Browse our selection of fly masks and nose nets from leading brands such as Absorbine®, Cashel®, Weatherbeeta®, and Crusader®.