Flex-On Safe-On Limited Edition Inclined Safety Stirrup

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New Limited Edition Colours in the popular Safe-On stirrups by Flex-On.

Designed and made in France, the Safe-on stirrup iron from Flex-on offers the rider incredible cushioning, support and security when riding on the flat or over fences. Manufactured using environmentally sourced polyamide materials, Safe-on stirrups feature an outer arm or branch that will give-way or release in the case of a fall. Simple yet effective, this release mechanism prevents the rider from being hung up in the case of a fall. Once released, the stirrup arm can be re-secured by tightening a single screw. Designed for optimum rider comfort and safety, the Safe-on stirrup features Flex-on’s dual shock-absorbing system, ergonomic design, grippy stirrup tread and wide base of support. A flexible internal steel frame ensures long term strength and durability.


  • Designed and made in France
  • Outer arm releases in the case of a fall
  • Prevents hang-ups and dragging
  • Easily re-secured with a single screw
  • Dual-shock absorbing system
  • Wide, grippy tread
  • Inclined stirrup tread
  • Ergonomic design
  • Environmentally sourced material
  • Steel reinforced