Samshield 2.0 Miss Shadowmatt Helmet- Alcantara Top/Band & 5 Crystals

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Elevate your riding experience with the Samshield 2.0 Miss Shadowmatt Helmet with Alcantara Top and 5 Crystals. This sleek and stylish riding helmet is crafted using premium materials similar to those used in the high-performance motorcycle industry.  Designed for a comfortable, safe and secure fit, this Samshield 2.0 Miss Shadowmatt horseback riding helmet features a robust polycarbonate shell with a scratch-resistant Shadowmatt Black finish, Alcantara top and front band, Matt Black trim, Matt Black blazon and 5 eye-catching Swarovski Jet Hematite crystals.

Beneath its refined exterior lies a multi-density polystyrene inner shell, engineered to absorb and distribute pressure in the event of a fall, ensuring your utmost protection and peace of mind. Stay cool and comfortable throughout your ride with the helmet's advanced 6-point ventilation system, delivering optimal airflow for exceptional comfort and performance. Additionally, the Samshield 2.0 Miss Shield Shadowmatt Helmet with Alcantara Top Band and 5 Crystals features an elegant wide brim for practical protection from harmful UV rays. 

Designed with a semi-rigid, integrated chinstrap, this Samshield 2.0 Miss Shadowmatt helmet guarantees a secure fit while accommodating various hairstyles, ensuring both safety and style. Plus, its removable and washable headliner simplifies maintenance, allowing you to keep your helmet fresh and odor-free ride after ride.


Wide brim for sun protection and a stylish look

Shadowmatt Black finish

Alcantara top and front band

Matt Black trim

Matt Black blazon

5 Swarovski Jet Hematite crystal accents

Rugged Polycarbonate shell

Anti-scratch finish

Six-point ventilation system for maximum airflow

Integrated chinstrap and harness

Semi-rigid chinstrap helps to keep helmet in place during a fall

Multi-density polystyrene inner shell for impact absorption

Removable and washable headliner with new clip system